SmoothJazz.com Review of
Best So Far

alb-best-of-so-far With his fascinating mix of melodic, acoustic guitar, driving grooves, soulful lead singing and infectious, seemingly extraterrestrial talents as a human drum and vocal soundscape master, Steve Oliver has, over the past 15 years, titled his albums after the uplifting vibes he’s created. Early on, he recorded POSITIVE ENERGY and RADIANT. Later, incorporating more of a universal consciousness and world rhythms, he released GLOBAL KISS and WORLD CITIZEN. BEST SO FAR is a spirited 15 track set featuring the multi-talented performer’s many infectious radio smashes (including two re-recorded from his 1999 debut FIRST VIEW) and two irresistible new tracks including the first single, “Calling You.” BEST OF SO FAR is a great overview of one of the genre’s most unique creative geniuses! ~Jonathan Widran

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